Time for Egypt

Time for Egypt is a promotional campaign launched by ITIDA under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, MCIT. The campaign is custom-tailored to promote the value proposition of the Egyptian ICT sector, share its insights and guide potential investors.​
Time for Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, MCIT is spearheading “Time For Egypt,” a branding campaign made to support all-out efforts exerted and newly adopted approaches in the outsourcing industry and ICT sector.

ICT is a key driver to economic surge and going to assume the role of a growth locomotive in today’s fast-paced markets. This local energetic sector unfolds new markets, empowers electronics manufacturing, expands tech parks across the country, promotes innovation, and trigger entrepreneurship.

Time for Egypt highlights the role of ICT sector providing new givens that raise the quality of life for the Egyptian people; developing talents, applying digital transformation, and including Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and marginalized social classes.

The campaign was launched to highlight the value proposition of Egypt, demonstrate the awards and reports about the local ICT sector, and guide the potential investors on how to do business in Egypt.

Please visit Time for Egypt portal for more information about the campaign.​

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