4 Years From Now 4YFN 2020

Start Date : 24/2/2020 12:00 AMzFebEnd Date : 26/2/2020 12:00 AMzFeb
Location : Barcelona, Spain Category : Conference

4YFN is the startup event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, GSMA MWC. Our goal is to support startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.
Throughout the whole year, 4YFN offers unique events around the world. From Barcelona to Shanghai and Los Angeles, hear from the heavyweights of the tech industry and expand your knowledge and contacts with technical workshops, custom networking activities, community outreach and open innovation programmes.


H2. G30 & H2. C110

Participating companies:



Webville is an artificial intelligence company focused on content and computer vision solutions. Equipped with a world-class team, Webville builds Deep Learning models and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) serving a variety of industries including media, AR/VR, gaming, security, and traffic. Our applications range from video analytics, photo-realistic media generation, night-vision to daylight video transformation, traffic and pedestrian counts and heat maps generation, and more. Meet us at Egypt's pavilion to watch our AI video generation demo!

Website: www.webville.io
Contact person: Amir El-Sherbiny, CEO
Contact person email:: amir@webville.io
Cell: (+2) 01006155012
Address: 193 Pyramids Street
Tel: +2020233910003



BlinkApp is a mobile application that uses technology to save lives by monitoring drivers’ behaviors and sending out notifications to emergency services and family members in case of road accidents. Whether you are an insurance company, a fleet owner or simply an individual who wants to be safe on the road, BlinkApp is here for you! BlinkApp captures and analyzes thousands of kilometers of data to evaluate drivers’ behavior with the goal of improving it. We use the smartphone’s sensors and AI technology to monitor drivers’ behavior, detect collisions, and generate insightful reports.

Website: www.blinkapp.net
Contact person: Wael Noufal, CO-Founder & CEO
Contact person email: noufal@blinkapp.net
Cell: (+2) 01090440518
Address: 11 Gamal Eldin Afifi, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Email: info@blinkapp.net
Tel: (+2) 0223548850



Elcoach is an on-demand fitness app for MENA. We use AI and licensed experts to create custom fitness and nutrition plans—unique to each user—based on their current stats, workout preferences, and health goals.

Website: elcoach.me
Contact person: Assem Emam, Co-Founder & CEO
Contact person email: a@elcoach.me
Cell: (+2) 01003671066
Address: El-Laselky Buildings, New Maadi, Cairo
Email: a@elcoach.me
Tel: (+2) 01119879666

Amgad IOT


Amgad is an innovative provider for energy management solutions and IOT systems; we provide smart electrical meters with IOT platform for clients in commercial and industrial sectors to help them save %25 of their electrical bill, control their energy consumption and going green. Amgad’s solution not only saves up to %25 of their clients’ electricity bills, but also sends alerts of any power overload, and releases hourly reports of energy consumption and most significantly decreases carbon dioxide emissions.

Website: www.amgadiot.com/
Contact person: Hussein Ahmed Hussein
Contact person email: hussein@amgadiot.com
Cell: (+2) 01013030126
Address: 11, 291 St. form Allasilki, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Email: info@amgadiot.com
Tel: (+202) 25177876

Blue Crunch


Blue Crunch is a software development house working on professional services along with several data/AI products. We believe in building solutions that are not just great but memorable, remarkable and entertaining. We work with our enterprise partners to understand their customers' pains, challenges and plan to create a bespoke cloud strategy that will achieve success.

Website: bluecrunch.com
Contact person: Mohamed Mounir, CEO
Contact person email: mmounir@bluecrunch.com
Cell: (+2) 01222288864
Address: B102-22, Smart Village
Email: info@ bluecrunch.com
Tel: (+2) 01222288864



Thotron uses artificial intelligence to organize ideas expressed by thousands of people in real time live discussions, typed text or recorded videos. It presents all the ideas and their relationships in maps, and groups statements according to their similarities. Discussion facilitators could thus engage all the audience, instead of just responding to a handful of people who raise their hands. Strategies known to decrease polarization in discussions, like balanced expression of opinions, promoting conscientiousness and substantiveness can be automatically enforced by AI. Thotron could also merge independently created maps thus integrating insights from millions of experts from discussions in academia, government and corporates. Map data could be displayed as documentary videos or navigated like google maps. Thotron’s mission is to generate the largest collective thinking network on Earth, as a hybrid between artificial intelligence and the intelligence of millions of humans.

Website: Thotron.azurewebsites.net
Contact person: Wael Wahby, CEO
Contact person email: waelmwahby@gmail.com
Cell: (+2) 01001182492
Address: 124st. Osman Ebn Aafan - Heliopolis
Email: waelmwahby@gmail.com
Tel: (+2) 01001182492



5dVR is a digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences. We deliver immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement. That is the value of this technology. The platforms and creative content we provide deliver total immersion and an unforgettable experience. We are fans of and fanatical about digital reality. Our name, the Fifth Dimension, comes from our belief that VR is such a disruptive technology it’s in fact a new dimension for human experience. Space and time have become variables at our command. In Q5 ,2020 1dVR is launching Kemetverse, the first stereoscopic 3600 Tour in Egypt’s Pharaonic tourist attractions to include Luxor and its famous Karnak and Luxor Temples.

Website: www.5d-agency.com
Contact person: Maged Farrag, Managing & Creative Director
Contact person email: maged.farrag@5d-vr.com
Cell: (+2) 01222189681
Address: Nile Cornich Sama El Maadi Towers - Tower 1 - Floor 2
Email: maged.farrag@5d-vr.com
Tel: (+2) 01222189681



PaySky is the next-generation payments solutions provider, with a vision of "democratizating e-payments". PaySky empowers financial institutions, businesses and consumers to remit, pay and get paid. PaySky's payments offering is both comprehensive and unique, on one hand it enables consumers (directly or via partners e.g. banks, MNOs) to have elite digital financial services in the form of a payment card + mobile app, and on the other hand, enables businesses to accept payments online and offline or face-to-face via PaySky's omni-channel payment gateway.

Website: www.paysky.io
Contact person: Waleed Sadek, Founder & CEO
Contact person email: Waleed.sadek@paysky.io
Cell: (+2) 01113898888
Address: Villa 29 Abdel Hady Rady Street, New Cairo
Email: info@@paysky.io
Tel: (+2) 01113898888