Egypt tops MEA region in Kearney Global Services Location Index 2021

27 May 2021

Egypt scored 5.6 to attain the top rank in the Middle East & Africa region, and 15th globally in the Kearney report’s Global Services Location Index 2021.

The ranking index looks at the country’s financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, digital resonance, and business environment. This report also pointed out Egypt’s role in the development of its ICT sector.

Egypt stood out as unique due to its financial attractiveness, competitive compensation rates & infrastructure costs, not forgetting the rapid gains made in the development of the ICT sector. The Egyptian government is invested in the “Digital Egypt” initiative that has yielded gains such as the establishment of an Ericsson digital hub across Cairo that produces cognitive software for the global markets.

Amr Mahfouz, CEO of ITIDA described Egypt’s leading role regionally and globally as further credence to the country standing out as an “IT export destination” as well as an ” attractive offshoring destination” for its multiple competitive advantages and performance resilience in the ICT sector.

The new index sets Egypt before other European service locations such as Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, etc. China, India, and Malaysia are ranked as the top three countries internationally.

The GSLI report helps companies choose the most suitable location for their offshore operations.


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