Non-Governmental Organizations Support

ITIDA funds the company members of the local NGOs through a variety of incentives. The agency cooperates with the DETGD, FECC, EITESAL and CIT.​
Non-Governmental Organizations Support

ITIDA offers non-governmental organizations (NGOs) a number of financial incentives in the areas of institutional development, market research, local and international marketing, awareness campaigns, training and certification, as well as projects.

ICT is a key driver to economic surge and going to assume the role of a growth locomotive in today’s fast-paced markets. This local energetic sector unfolds new markets, empowers electronics manufacturing, expands tech parks across the country, promotes innovation, and trigger entrepreneurship.

​The offerings come in line with its objectives to satisfy the interests of its member companies, maximize benefits and create an environment of collaboration based on win-win situations. ITIDA works closely with ICT NGOs as part of its continuous efforts to define and address the needs of IT companies.

ITIDA signed a number of cooperation protocols with NGOs providing managerial and technical support for ICT companies. The agency inked agreements with the General Division of Computer and Software, Federation of Egypt Chambers of Commerce (FECC), the Egyptian Information Telecommunications and Software Alliance (EITESAL) and the Chamber of Information and Communication Technology Industry (CIT).

Since its inception, ITIDA has been engaged in strong cooperation with both the public and private sectors. Civil society organizations supported this engagement and made the agency a strong civil partner. They strengthened its role in diversifying the sector and expressing the interests of member companies.

The most important achievements of protocol 2014/2017:

1686 specialized administrative and professional training courses provided for ICT companies in Cairo as well as other governorates
More than 2030 networking meetings held between the ICT industry and other industries
49 companies participated at 9 global conferences
Cooperation agreements launched between the Chamber and organizations on one hand and the Saudi and Moroccan counterparts on the other
26 startups were incubated
Opportunities for contracts and investments provided locally and internationally ​