EGYPT the DESTINATION of Choice 2020

Egypt Value Proposition 2020

TBRI Special Report: SAP and Ericsson in Egypt: Thriving in an expansive environment

This report highlights the progress of Ericsson and SAP in Egypt, including plans...

Ryan Advisory Whitepaper: Egypt’s Role in the Evolution of Global BPO

This whitepaper explores Egypt’s position in the global BPO industry and the...

Everest Group - Location Spotlight - Egypt - 2019

Egypt is the Leading MEA location leveraged for multi-lingual BPS delivery with an...

Everest Group, Africa: Emerging IT-BP Delivery Force

Egypt offer one of the most attractive proposition for services delivery from a...

Nelson Hall: Positive Outlook from the Egyptian BPS Market

Egypt has been praised by both vendors and clients at what is a time of revival for...

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) 2020

Cairo is a global top 10 for affordable talent, and Top ten MEA for ecosystem funding.

Global Sourcing Association

Destination of the Year 2016


Ranked 1st in Middle East and Africa


Doing Business In Egypt A tax and legal Guide


Egypt is the only non-European country selected among 18 Business Services Locations

Egypt Destination Guide 2.0

“Egypt Destination Guide 2.0.” provides an overview on the industry and features...