What We Do

On the outskirts of Cairo, the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) lies at the heart of a 600-acre modern business park, Smart Village. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) launched ITIDA as an executive IT arm in 2004 to stimulate, orchestrate and spearhead the process of developing the Egyptian IT industry.

The agency takes a pivotal role in protecting the intellectual property rights and ethics of information technology towards a more secure e-business ecosystem and sourcing/off-shoring services positioning.

IT Industry Development Agency is both a focal point for foreign investors, and a strategic advisor to multinational companies investing in the local ICT.

We improve Egypt’s global IT competitiveness by uplifting the exports of IT services, applications and products.

To motivate the local IT market and adapt to changes in the global industry, ITIDA adopts a progressive approach, adheres to the public-private partnership model, and seeks partnerships with related foundations.

ITIDA aspires to build momentum in the IT industry, by making Egypt one of the top world hubs for technology and business services.
The agency strives to further develop Egypt’s competitive potentials as a one-stop shop for foreign direct investors seeking to enhance their global offering.

The agency delivers the right tools to help businesses to increase IT/ITES exports.

Aware of the importance and impact of innovation and skills, ITIDA guarantees perpetual talent supply and great innovations.

The self-sustainable agency works with governmental bodies, private businesses, and key players. It develops an entrepreneurial mindset in serving universities and individuals.

ITIDA offers a wide range of services that helps to strengthen the capacities of the local IT firms, attracting and servicing multinational IT companies. It expands IT businesses by providing unique access to several markets through sponsoring and taking part in the local, regional and international trade shows.

IT Industry Development Agency’s ambition is to champion a world-class IT infrastructure contributing to Egypt’s economic growth. Long-term commitment and ongoing investment characterize its work to bring much-needed improvements.

People are central to the success and development of the country. On this ground, we give priority to our staff and their families. Our achievements were not reachable without their contributions.