Business Environment

Business Environment

Egypt is Africa’s top FDI recipient and one of the leading countries for FDI inflows in the Middle East, as of UNCTAD in 2021. Egypt maintains significant stability and economic flexibility. The country is growing stronger and becoming more resilient after economic reforms began in earnest in 2016. Implemented regulatory reforms include:

new investment law in 2017,
new companies law,
bankruptcy law in 2018,
new custom, cybersecurity, digital signature and data protection law in 2020.

The IPR office has been established by ITIDA to raise awareness on intellectual property rights, and ensure that laws and regulations are implemented.
Furthermore, the Government is firmly committed to 2030 national agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), developing a business-friendly environment that attracts foreign investments and high growth companies, even during challenging times.



It is a party to 112 bilateral investment treaties and has trade agreements with over 70 countries. Egypt is a member of WTO, the current Chair of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), a founding member of GAFTA. Egypt is also represented by ITIDA in the Global Technology and Business Service Council (GT&BSC), aiding in industry growth and promoting it globally.

Pro-business Ecosystem

Today, investors and business leaders choose Egypt for its pro-business government policies and regulations. With the country being a regional digital hub, the government focuses on promoting and developing:

Digital Transformation
Digital Skills and Jobs
Digital Innovation
Digital Infrastructure and Legislative and Regulatory Framework

Multinational companies are investing heavily after witnessing a smoother facilitation of their business operations, enjoying a faster go to market, growth and continuity.

Innovation is at the heart of Egypt’s ecosystem with 8+ high-tech and knowledge parks across the country along with the following initiatives to promote and accelerate adoption of new technologies and development of high-value service and products:

CREATIVA Innovation Hubs in collaboration with public universities, where hubs reside inside the universities with external access to support students as well as start-ups to meetup, innovate, access resources, and develop digital transformation solutions.
The Applied Innovation Center (AIC) promotes the use of emerging technologies in addressing and solving national challenges. The Center aims at (1) developing human capital, (2) creating an environment for innovative startups to grow, and (3) accelerating the creation of domestic high-tech enterprises.

Investors looking to set up their business operations in Egypt will find abundant premium Grade A and B office spaces of 1 million sqm.

Download PWC’s doing business in Egypt here. This guide is intended to introduce potential investors to the taxation and legal aspects of doing business in Egypt, particularly from the perspective of an inbound investor.

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