21 May 2023
Senior Information Security Engineer
Job Purpose
  • We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Information Security Engineer to join our team. As a Senior Information Security Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Egypt Root Certification Authority information assets. Your primary responsibility will be to implement and operate robust security solutions, identify and mitigate potential risks, and provide expert guidance to enhance our overall security posture.
Job Accountabilities

  • •Conduct regular security assessments, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests to identify and address potential weaknesses and threats.
    •Monitor network traffic and system logs for potential security incidents and respond promptly to mitigate risks and minimize potential impact.
    •Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate security measures into the development lifecycle of applications, systems, and infrastructure.
    •Evaluate and recommend security technologies, tools, and services to enhance the organization's security infrastructure.
    •Participate in incident detection and response efforts, including investigation, containment, and recovery.
    •Provide guidance and support to junior security engineers and other team members to foster a culture of security awareness and knowledge sharing.
    •Stay updated with the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and industry trends to proactively identify emerging risks and implement necessary controls.
    •Participate in security awareness training programs for employees to educate them on security best practices and promote a security-conscious culture.

  • •Bachelor's degree in communication and electronic engineering, Computer Science, Information Security, or a related field.
    •A master's degree is a plus.
Required Experience

  • •Excellent problem-solving and analytical thinking.
    •Excellent Communication Skills.

Required Skills

  • •Minimum of 5 years of experience in information security, with a focus on SOC, network security, and infrastructure security.
    •Experience with SIEM solutions.
    •Experience with security incident response, including incident investigation, analysis, and forensics.
    •Strong knowledge of encryption technologies, secure coding practices, and secure network architecture design.
    •Certifications such as eCIR and CEH are highly desirable.
    •Strong knowledge of industry standards and frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and CIS Controls.
    •Proficiency in conducting security assessments, penetration testing, and vulnerability management using industry tools and techniques.
    •In-depth understanding of network protocols, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), and other security technologies.

  • ITIDA,Smart Village
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