​​​​​​​Egypt Makes Electroni​cs [EME]

One of the ICT sector’s milestones is “Egypt Makes Electronics”. EME is a presidential initiative devised to double the Egyptian electronics exports. It offers thousands of job opportunities for skilled techie people and engineers.​​
Egypt Makes​ Electronics [EME]

Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) is a presidential initiative launched to position the electronics industry as one of the key props for growth in the Egyptian economy. It is schemed as a main contributor to double the Egyptian exports, reduce imports of electronic and electrical appliances to the local market, and provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for researchers, engineers, skilled technicians, and workers.​


EME initiative focuses on two main scopes. First is the superior design and production of electronic circuits and systems with high added-value and backed with a high level of tech support. Second is creating a labor-intensive electronics manufacturing industry.

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EME pillars are summarized as follows:

Attract investors to manufacture promising electronic products characterized by high and fast payoffs
Products marked by the ever-growing local and regional demands. The initial promising products are mobile phones, tablets, GPS tracking devices, LED lighting, smart meters, LED TVs and displays, and solar energy systems
Empower research, development and innovation in electronics
Foster industry-academia collaboration
Encourage exports and maximize utilization of Egypt's trade agreements
Invest in equipment and people to fulfill the electronics industry needs
Brand Egypt as a leading regional hub for innovative electronic designs

EME adopts nine programs fashioned for developing the electronics industry in Egypt. These are:

CAPEX Attraction Program
Promising Products Subprogram
Feeding Industry Subprogram
OPEX Financing Program
Innovative Designs Empowerment Program
RDI Subprogram
Local Design Pilot Manufacturing Subprogram
Design Companies Development Program
Centers of Excellence/Prototype Fabrication Facilities Subprogram
Design and Development Tools Subprogram
Startups Subprogram
Patents Subprogram
Prototype Fabrication Subprogram
Collaboration and Technology Transfer Agreements Subprogram
Export Incentive Program
Marketing Funding Program
Technical and Specialized Training Program
Customized Training Program
Supporting Activities Program

For further information, please visit www.makeelectronics.eg

Or contact eme@itida.gov.eg