23 February 2021
Senior Investment Management Specialist
Job Purpose
  • Committed to enhance the presence of foreign and joint venture investments in the ICT sector in Egypt besides working on broadening existing investor’s scope and eliminating any obstacles that would hinder investor’s expansion or market penetration. Essential Duties and Responsibilities to be responsible for the overall direction, coordination, communication, MOU implementation, control and completion of specific projects ensure consistency with the Agency strategy, commitments and goals. The Project Specialist conducts planning activities to assure proper project deliverables in accordance with established protocols and procedures.
Job Accountabilities
  • MOU Review & Implementation
    • Review agreements signed with foreign investors against client’s business plan, overall ICT incentives policy, and budget assigned for incentives and ITIDA’s Board of Directors decree(s). Report any inconsistency along with recommendations for corrective actions.
    • Provide logistical support & consultancy to foreign investors by furnishing information related to rules and regulations, legislative environment in Egypt, documentation needed for company establishment...etc
    • Conduct an introductory meeting with investors to identify their needs and expectations, review MOU terms & conditions highlighting obligations of both parties.
    • Explain to investors FDIS reporting system and funds disbursement process as well as the related documentation to be submitted to ITIDA for reimbursement of subsidies. Review investor’s annual plan including cash flow estimates and agree on a time plan for implementation.

    Budget Preparation & Monitoring Activities:
    • Contribute in preparing and monitoring budget related to financial incentives offered to foreign investors.
    • Implement incentive packages according to ITIDA BOD’s decree, MOU terms & conditions and related budget.
    • Participate in cash flow estimates preparation for the Finance department to ensure adequate financial support during the term of the agreement.
    • Assist in incentive schemes evaluation, against overall governmental long-term strategies & report progress to senior management

    Disbursement of Financial Incentives:
    • Review Incentive reimbursement requests & supporting documents submitted by investors, prepare review report, related payment request & budget sheet and send same to Investment Management Unit manager for review. Upon approval send same to Finance department and update budget accordingly.
    • Follow-up on ITIDA’s Finance Department regarding actual disbursement of funds/pending claims.
    • Monitor funds disbursement as well as related time lines compare same to the MOU terms & conditions and report any inconsistency to Investment Management Unit manager.
    • Prepare list of pending claims, report same to Investment Management Unit manager to agree on a reimbursement time schedule with ITIDA’s Finance Department.

    Periodical Review Meetings, MOU Monitoring & Reporting Activities:
    Conduct periodical meetings with the aim to:
    • Maintain strong and cooperative relationships with foreign investors to enhance public-private partnership being pivotal to the successful formation of an information society& the foundation for developments in the ICT sector.
    • Encourage investors to report any challenges/complaints. This will add to the credibility of ITIDA and allow for better service design based on investors’ feedback. In addition to problem solving, the job holder will be responsible for keeping track of service failures and use same to improve employees’ performance, improve services rendered by designing corrective/recovery plans and anticipating bottlenecks.
    • Identify success factors and capitalise on them by reporting same to senior management
    • Monitor and evaluate MOU implementation and ensure fulfilment of obligations pertaining to both parties as mentioned in the MOU. This would include field visits to investors’ premises, snap checks on training courses conducted, review of supporting documents in addition to quarterly meetings with investors to review status/progress.
    • Monitor investors achievements on monthly basis and take corrective action according to the MOU terms & conditions if necessary
    • Contribute in preparing monthly reports to ITIDA’s BOD illustrating MOUs implementation status.
    • At the end of each MOU, prepare a closing report including client’s feedback and Effectiveness of ICT incentives packages in achieving objectives of the National ICT Strategy such as job creation, knowledge transfer and percentage of exports versus local business conducted by investors and submit same to senior management.
  • • Bachelor degree in any related field.
    • MBA is a plus
Required Experience
  • • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in Project and Account Management
    • Basic knowledge of ICT Industry.
Required Skills
  • • Client-focused solutions experience.
    • Project management skills.
    • Talent for influencing client management.
    • Strong listening and communication skills.
    • Ability to manage multiple projects and relationships simultaneously.
    • Presentation skills and time management skills.
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