German Training Initiative in Upper Egypt

ITIDA and Goethe offer a German training program for second- and third-year university students in Upper Egypt. The language training is funded by the Agency to qualify students for the ICT labor market after graduation. We look upon Upper Egypt as a future hub providing offshoring and contact center services for German speaking countries.


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency developed strategies of building capacities.

In this regard, initiatives are custom made to boost the skills and qualify our human resources.

MCIT and ITIDA exert efforts to meet the expanding needs of the ICT market. Languages are among the top requirements, especially German.

The Agency sought to create a database of trained and qualified cadres in German in Upper Egypt.

This data helps global companies to invest in the south region of Egypt. Graduates will be linked to available job opportunities in contact centers and offshoring service centers for an average monthly income of more than 10,000 EGP.


Pilot Phase

A pilot phase is implemented with the South Valley University to train 100 students from the second and third academic years through scholarships supported by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).

The Goethe-Institute, the largest institute promoting German language in Egypt, implements this initial phase. Tracks are to be embedded within the study period, vacations via integrated learning – online. Goal is to uplift the level of students from beginning (A1) to advanced level (B2) in German language proficiency.

Eligibility Criteria
Second and third year students from the faculties of Commerce, Education, Law, Arts, Media, Archeology, and the Faculty of Specific Education.
Priority is given to females, and males who are not serving in the military.
Sign a declaration of commitment to attend the training program and tests, expected to take two years.
An applicant pays a contribution percentage based on her/his Grade (i.e. GPA) in the previous academic year, provided that the deductible percentage is paid before each level..

The scholarship is funded by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) as per the previous academic year’s Grade.

Percentage the student pays Grade
30% of the training value Excellent or very good
35% of the training value Good
40% of the training value Acceptable
Raise the efficiency of university graduates and qualify them to work in the field of contact centers and offshoring services.
Attract more international companies to invest in Egypt.
Intended Benefits of the Project
Create a base of trained and qualified talent pool on the German language with internationally credits.
Build the capacity of Upper Egypt students to speak German fluently and help them get jobs.
Attract international companies to invest in the region of Upper Egypt.
Program will be announced in the second half of April 2021. Registration phase and the completion of the necessary registration papers begin.
Training is scheduled to begin at June 2021.

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