Welcome SoluGrowth to Egypt

11 May 2023

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is happy to announce that SoluGrowth has opened a new office in Egypt; this exciting step represents yet another success story among many for Egypt's Offshoring industry.

SoluGrowth is the first South African outsourcing company to invest in Egypt joining a long list of key outsourcing players betting big on Egypt's value proposition as a hub for global delivery centers. Egypt enjoys countless competitive advantages as the go-to destination for outsourcing, with its large and multilingual talent pool, unique geographical location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the outstanding government support.

"Welcome SoluGrowth to Egypt. I'm sure the abundant talents in Egypt will make Cairo Delivery Center one of the largest for SoluGrowth and will contribute to SoluGrowth success. Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA will be there to support" said Ahmed ElZaher, CEO of ITIDA.

Sandile Gwala, CEO of SoluGrowth commented, "I'm grateful to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA in Egypt, our SA Ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Mashimbye, and the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology in Egypt who have supported us".

Gwala explained that the decision to be present in the Egyptian market came after a thorough market study to establish a new center to serve Europe and the United States. SoluGrowth was compelled by the competitive advantages enjoyed by the Egyptian market, namely its geographical location, the availability of highly skilled talent, in addition to its cost competitiveness and high-quality services.

SoluGrowth has appointed Hany Moneim as Country Head (Egypt) where it targets several sectors through its presence in Egypt, such as the finance and banking sector, the education sector, oil and gas, and the automotive sector.

The company achieved a growth rate of 36% in the fiscal year ending in March 2023, up from 27% in 2022.

Congratulations SoluGrowth, we are pleased at ITIDA to extend support, and help you scale and accelerate your growth! 

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