The Role Of The ICT Sector In Empowering Egyptian Women

22 April 2024

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector might be the most important economic sector in our world today. The ICT sector's significance is not solely derived from its rapid growth, which makes it a substantial contributor to the global economy's overall volume. It also holds importance due to two other factors:

The first reason is that the ICT sector is the fastest-evolving sector. This means it is responsible for creating economic and social changes with the greatest impact on our world today. The second reason is that the ICT sector intersects with every other economic sector by providing the technologies such a sector depends on for its evolution and entry into the digital world.

Given its importance, the ICT sector is undoubtedly a major engine for development. Accordingly, world countries, especially developing ones, seek to maximize their contribution to economic growth and achieve their social development goals. This includes empowering women and bridging the gender gap.

Egypt is not different from other developing countries in the main outlines of this framework. However, like any other country, Egypt has its own political, economic, and social conditions that affect the potential of the ICT sector's growth. These conditions also affect the sector's potential contribution to supporting Egyptian women's empowerment and helping to bridge the gender gap in Egyptian society.

This paper explores Egypt's ICT sector's potential to economically empower Egyptian women. It focuses on how the sector can create more employment opportunities for women. Additionally, the paper discusses the potential of the ICT sector to socially empower women, which can further contribute to narrowing the gender gap.

The paper covers the importance of this sector within the framework of seeking to empower Egyptian women economically and socially. It also provides an overview of the current status of Egyptian women's contribution to the ICT sector. Finally, the paper discusses the factors that make the sector suitable for growing women's contribution and the obstacles and challenges this contribution faces.

The Importance Of The ICT Sector For Empowering Women

Economic empowerment of women is a fundamental avenue for achieving women's overall empowerment and social equality with men. Providing women with economic independence and breaking free from the cycle of dependency is essential for combating discrimination against them. For most women, economic empowerment primarily comes from employment opportunities rather than other means, such as entrepreneurship or inheritable wealth, which are not widely accessible.

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