ITIDA Extends Cooperation with Suez Canal and Aswan Universities to Develop Students’ Digital skills and Foreign Languages

27 May 2021

ITIDA CEO: We Aim at Skilling-Up Students’ Entrepreneurial and Innovation Capabilities and Leverage University as an Ideal Start-up Platform

Cairo – Egypt, May 27, 2021: The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has held a meeting with Suez Canal University and Aswan University to discuss how university students can benefit from ITIDA development initiatives and programs, as well as to explore the opportunities of cooperation between ITIDA and researchers at Egyptian universities in entrepreneurship and technology innovation.

The meeting with the universities’ presidents explored ITIDA’s programs and initiatives for upskilling university students especially in disruptive and latest technologies in the labor market, including the Next Technology Leaders (NTL) and Future Work is Digital (FWD) initiatives. This comes as part of ITIDA efforts to build young Egyptians’ digital capacity in freelancing and remote work.

Additionally, ITIDA is implementing a comprehensive strategy to develop the language skills of university students and help them master the most in-demand languages in the BPO market, mainly German, French and English. In this regard, ITIDA has started organizing a pilot program at South Valley University to train 100 young people in the German language, in cooperation with Goethe-Institut.

ITIDA CEO; Eng. Amr Mahfouz said: “ We aim at encouraging and supporting students and grads to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial projects in the IT and IT enabled industries, as ITIDA is looking forward to leveraging University as an Ideal Start-up Platform”.

ITIDA efforts in this area also include spreading and establishing Digital Innovation Hubs at Egyptian universities nationwide and carrying out the IT Academia Collaboration (ITAC) initiative to strengthen cooperation between academic institutions and the ICT community to help develop innovative products that cover the needs of IT industry and society.

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