14 May 2023
Innovation Sector Director-TIEC
Job Purpose
  • •The role embarks on a mission to foster an innovation-based economy through strategizing, facilitating, and promoting innovation in the ICT sector.
Job Accountabilities
  • •Create a platform for technological innovation that connects nodes in the national innovation ecosystem, defines key elements, provides role models, and includes effective approaches and best practices.
    •Establish and supervise TIEC’s innovation hubs, and technology labs.
    •Source and govern operators of innovation hubs.
    •Design and enhance services, programs, incentives, and streamlined processes for stimulation of innovation with ICT businesses.
    •Influence and advocate for changes that would create competitive innovation environment of policies, laws, and regulations.
    •Close collaboration with concerned government agencies, international bodies, and civil society organizations to encourage technology innovation and bridge the gap between supply and demand.
    •Benefit from innovation in bridging the needs and finding innovative solutions to crises and critical problems.
    •Promote and support patenting and IP exchange.
  • •IT-related B.Sc. university degree
    •M.Sc. in related field 
    •Ph.D. is a definite advantage
Required Experience
  • •Experience of not less than 15 years in the field of information technology.
    •Experience of not less than 5 years in the field of innovation and technology management.
    •Previous experience and a high potential in developing policies, strategies, programs, and long and short-term plans and in following up implementation.
    •Previous experience in dealing with governmental organizations, international entities, universities and research centers, and civil society organizations.
    •Good understanding of emerging ICT technologies and their applications.
    •Good understanding of managing research requirements, patents, and intellectual property rights.
Required Skills
  • •Excellent leadership skills, results oriented.
    •High communication, negotiation, and analytic skills.
    •Ability to build coalitions.
    •Ability to resolve business problems, make decisions, and work under pressure.
    •Ability to build a strong management team with complementary strengths.
    •Ability to think through different potential scenarios to come up with alternative strategies to cope with the changing environment and business dynamics.
    •Ability to listen effectively and inspire trust across teams and functions which motivates others to deliver beyond expectations.
    •Ability to manage the financial aspects within the approved budget.
    •Proficiency in English language in speaking and writing.
  • TIEC,Smart Village
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