Maya Mohamed Abdel-Moneim Morsy
ITIDA Board Member

Maya Morsi took office as the President of Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) in 2016. The NCW is the highest national machinery entrusted with planning and monitoring national plans for women advancement in Egypt and providing policy options and advice in all fields related to the development and empowerment of women to enable them to play their rightful and essential roles in society and integrate their efforts in comprehensive national development programs. Before joining the NCW, Maya Morsi had served, since 2013, as a Regional Advisor on Gender Policies and Programmes in the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Regional Centre for the Arab States in Cairo.

Maya’s career spans over twenty years of dedicated service to women's advancement and defending their fundamental rights. She served as Head of the Egypt Country Office of the United Nations Fund For Women–UNIFEM (2000-2013); UNIFEM Project Coordinator (1999-2000); Consultant for the Girls Education and Empowerment Project of the Ministry of Education in Egypt (1998-1999); and Project Officer in the Sustainable Human Development Platform for Action and Monitoring, implemented by UNDP (1995-1998). Maya also served as Academic Facilitator in the Public Administration and Communication Joint Program between the City University of Seattle and the Arab Academy of Science and Technology of the League of Arab States (1997-1998).

Dr. Morsy took part in many pioneering initiatives, including formulation of the Arab Strategy for Women, Peace and Security, the Regional Strategy for Combating Violence against Arab Women, and the Arab Plan of Action for implementing the Convention on the "Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)," including specific indicators development to monitor implementation. Maya also advised and assisted relevant authorities in several Arab countries, including Egypt, in developing gender-responsive national plans and budgets. ​​​​​​​