Hazem Nabil
Vice President for Electronic Transactions Security

Hazem Nabil is the Vice President for Electronic Transactions Security, ITIDA’s arm for providing and regulating digital signature services for public entities, private businesses, and individuals.

Nabil has more than 25 years of IT background, primarily in developing decision support systems. His expertise focuses on providing high-performance tech solutions and consulting in digital transformation, data analytics systems and artificial intelligence.

Hazem oversees all the related e-Signature activities including licensing, the national Root Certificate Authority (Root CA), and e-Signature Competency Center according to the highest security standards. His client-centric role is pivotal in availing IT tools and applications that lay the groundwork for the mass adoption of digital signature and help in achieving Digital Egypt strategy.

Before joining ITIDA in November 2020, Hazem worked as an independent management consultant for the government and public sector in Egypt. Previously, Nabil spent nearly 25 years in different positions and leadership roles at IBM, where he managed all operational aspects of the IT business and contributed greatly to the company’s growth and expansion in Egypt.

From 2000 to 2020, Hazem led a number of teams of project managers and IT experts where he effectively implemented transformative projects across different sectors including banking, telecommunications, and government sectors.

As an associate partner, Hazem managed the Global Business Services (GBS), where he managed sales and delivery of the public sector initiatives in the Egyptian market. Formerly, Hazem led the communications sector in the GBS department. He also served as a senior managing consultant for the company’s clients in the local and regional markets.

Hazem holds a Master of Business Administration from the prestigious Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. In 1995, he earned his BSc in Computer Science and Electronics from the American University in Cairo.