ITIDA Launches ‘Industry 4.0 Implementation’ Program to Boost Electronics Industry in Egypt

5 January 2021

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), through “Egypt Makes Electronics”-EME Initiative has launched "Industry 4.0 Implementation program in cooperation with world class Industry 4.0 service provider “Fraunhofer IPK Germany”, aiming at transforming traditional mechanisms and common practices of manufacturing electronics and home appliances to industry 4.0 techniques and practices, in order to to bring about a qualitative transformation in the industry and to keep up with international competition.

In its first phase, ITIDA in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPK Germany provided training, assessment and consultation services for 5 domestic manufacturers of consumer electronics, electrical products and home appliances for their Industry 4.0 planning. The program qualified more than 30 local senior engineers on optimal usage for fourth generation technologies in light of the local industry requirements.

In addition, the program aims at assisting companies in adopting the most recent optimal practices for fourth generation technologies to further develop these companies to become local leaders for digital transformation in the industry.

This program also represents the first milestone for establishing Center of Excellence (CoE) for Industry 4.0 Technologies to stimulate digital transformation of the local industries in order to enhance its productive capabilities, quality and increase competitiveness.

Experts from Fraunhofer IPK Germany have set a number of criteria and specifications for selecting companies for the first phase. The five selected organizations for Phase-1 of Industry 4.0 Implementation Program are:
1- El-Araby Group
2- El-Sewedy Electric Technology Group
3- Unionaire Group
4- El-Sewedy Electrometer
5- Egyptian for Silicon Industries (E-Sico)

This comes within the framework of Egypt Makes Electronics (EME), a presidential initiative launched to position the electronics industry as one of the key props for Egyptian economic growth.

EME initiative focuses on two main scopes. The first is the superior design and production of electronic circuits and systems with high added-value and backed with a high level of tech support. The second is creating a labor-intensive electronics manufacturing industry.

EME adopts a strategic plan aiming at empowering research, development and innovation in electronics and encouraging exports through maximizing the utilization of Egypt's trade agreements, developing human resources skills and improving the legislative environment.

The initiative also targets branding Egypt as a leading regional hub for innovative electronic designs through doubling Egypt’s industry exports, achieving self-sufficiency in the local market of electronics and home appliances, which will reduce import rates and open up numerous job opportunities for professionals and skilled technicians working in the sector.

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