Export IT Program

Export-IT forms an integral part of ITIDA strategy. The program supports ICT exports, channels exporters to increase their competitiveness, and helps reduce export-related costs. Egypt is a regional leading country in introducing an export program to support its ICT industry.


Egypt extends its exporting frontiers as a regional leader by introducing the Export-IT Program to bolster the domestic ICT industry. ITIDA first launched the program in 2010 to help Egyptian companies grow their exports from IT/ITES products and services.
By virtue of this program, eligible companies receive direct exports support on the collected proceeds of their value-added exports within a specified calendar year.
Throughout Export-IT nine previous rounds, ITIDA strengthened and broadened support for more than 185 local companies. The support amounted to 350 million EGP and the program contributed to IT export sales volume of more than 6.2 billion EGP of revenues.
In 2020, ITIDA re-launched Export-IT program for the tenth consecutive year covering 2018 exports proceeds.



·  Support Egyptian companies in: developing their resources, leveraging their competitiveness, and reducing their export-related costs.

·  Develop and increase the Egyptian exports of ICT services.


The main strength of Export-IT lies in the data gathered from participating companies covering their ICT exports in "terms of amount," "export destination," "types of service exported," and "business verticals served".

All export transactions and supporting documents are audited, reviewed, and cross-validated by the program's external auditor.

Bringing a good sample of the participated companies, we analyze data collected, after auditor validation, to provide an in-depth overview of their ICT exports.

ITIDA conducts this analysis taking in consideration the confidentiality of information each company delivers.

More than 16,000 Egyptian employees working in local companies that export ICT/ITES services and products to more than 165 countries.

ITIDA carefully studies the audited indicators of the validated export values, services exported, business models adopted by companies as well as export destinations and business verticals served.

Based on the exports indicators, further comparative analysis is conducted covering global ICT exports, potential markets and opportunities through global forecasted ICT spending and market trends.

Eligibility Criteria

ICT companies with more than 50% Egyptian ownership, headquartered in Egypt and exporting:

  • · ICT Services
  • · Embedded Software
  • · IT-enabled Services* (examples: call center services, consultation and training services related to IT) 
  • *IT-enabled services are subject to Export-IT committee's approval.

Note: large companies (as per ITIDA classification whose total annual revenues exceed 200 million EGP are not eligible for participation in the program.


To register under Export-IT 2018, please click here and follow the resources at the bottom of this page.

Aiming to facilitate the submission process of Export-IT 2018, application form and its supporting documents would be signed and submitted electronically. This is through the software application of the program using the e-signature token.


Accordingly interested companies should arrange to issue/renew the certificate of the token directly from Misr for Central Clearing Depository and Registry (MCDR) or Egypt Trust Company according to the entity that previously issued the initial e-signature certificate to be able to sign and submit documents electronically.

1- Registration & Documents Submission

    • • Start Date: 16/2/2020
    • • End Date: 12/3/2020

Companies should arrange to submit Export-IT application form and supporting documents as indicated in the checklist and terms & conditions document through Export-IT software using the e-signature token.

It is worth noting that the only hardcopy documents that need to be submitted are the following certificates issued by the company' external auditor:

    • • Revenue Certificate
    • • Ownership Certificate
    • • Cost Certificate

Deliver hardcopies to ITIDA's premises from Sunday to Thursday from 09:00AM until 2:30PM using this address:
Investment and International Business Development Department
ITIDA - 1st Floor
Smart Village, B121, Cairo - Alex. Desert Road, Km 28

2- Orientation Sessions

  • • Venue: Cairo (ITIDA premises)
  • • Date: 20/2/2020

Detailed orientation sessions covering the program criteria, terms and conditions, application form and required documents will be conducted in different governorates by Export Development team.
In addition, there will be a technical orientation session, covering the Registration and Documents Submission using Export-IT software application.

Download Export-IT software
*for companies that participated in Export-IT 2018 (9th round), please re-download Export-IT updated software to be able to proceed with the registration and documents submission.


For any inquiries or questions regarding Export-IT program, call ITIDA's call center at 16CIT (16248) or exportdev@itida.gov.eg


Export-IT 2018 (10th round) application form and checklist
Export-IT 2018 (10th round) declaration​
Export-IT – T&C and docs list
Export-IT Documents Sample
Export-IT Software Application


· Companies that have previously participated in Export-IT program during the past nine years are also requested to register under Export-IT program 2018 (10th round)

· There is no minimum or maximum limit with respect to the company's export proceeds, size, and number of employees, etc. All trusted companies meeting the program's criteria would be eligible to participate in the program

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